Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying and preparing for tests is not easy. Especially when your a second semester senior in High School looking to finally be done with that chapter in your life. No matter what though, teachers are still doing what they do best, and are handing out quizzes and tests weekly. Usually, nearing the end of the school year you've given up and have no more motivation, but when studying and getting a good grade on a test is as easy as your thought process when asked to choose between $100000 or a granola bar. I've found out that no matter the time of year, always keep your binders or papers organized and filled out. I keep most recent papers at the front, and the not so recent in the back. Along with that, I like making a brief note in the top left of my papers with what the subject/category the paper falls under that way when I go to quickly study something or look over something I can find my references easy peasy. As far as cumulative assessments go, what I've been doing and what I recommend, is that you put all your quizzes and tests separate from other papers/assignments, keeping them in order of most recent to not so recent as well. Lastly, the final step in my study process is making sure I keep room in my quizzes/tests section in my binder for the other 100's that will be continuing to roll in throughout the rest of the year!

Tyler from Vermont
High School Senior
Essex High School