Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation did not come easy to me. I struggled throughout middle school not knowing why I could study for hours and see no results when the test grades were published. During this time my test preparation consisted of rereading my notes and staring at a dense textbook. The nights before tests were filled with anxiety. I became lost in the sea of the endless material from a textbook, and my notes were unorganized and confusing. The issue was magnified when it came to Spanish class, vocabulary sheets were terrifying, and spelling was a lost cause. After some help from teachers and my parents, I discovered that I am dyslexic. I had to rethink my study practices and tailor them to my learning needs. Instead of rereading my vocabulary sheet, I make flashcards and practice writing and rewriting the foreign words to imbed them in my memory. Now, I never just stared at a textbook; I use the time to organize my notes and create detailed study guides. Now knowing about my learning disability, I can alter my test preparation to work for me. I even ended up earning an A in my Spanish 3 class. Most importantly, I gained confidence in myself as a student.

Meredith from New Hampshire
High School Senior
Hanover High School