Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to tests, it can be hard to organize oneself and prepare. However, I personally have a few test preparation practices and tips that help me. For one, I study well when I clear my mind of other priorities/activities. I ensure that I stay focused by clearing the space around me of anything that might tempt me from doing my work, including my phone. I dedicate the time at hand to the subject I’m studying for and clear my thoughts of everything else. If the test involves vocabulary, it helps for me to practice maintenance rehearsal, which is verbal or mental repetition about certain information. I also use mnemonics, which is a learning strategy of associations and letters to help remember my vocabulary. This way if I can remember the association I created between the vocabulary and an external idea, I can also remember the vocabulary itself. Anytime I have to memorize information I take mental breaks every so often and allow myself to engage in another activity before returning to maintenance rehearsal. I believe that doing this actually helps my brain better process and store the information I studied. Taking notes as I read a book or watch a video regarding the subject I’m studying for helps me visually and mentally process information. I also like to redo my notes, trying first to copy them by memory, that way I can qualify what and how much information I know already versus what and how much I still need to work on.

Angelina from California
High School Senior
Channel Islands High School