Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to do well in a test, you have to study for the test, however, there are better ways to study that will get you to achieve your desired score for the test. I am a Biology major and being a science major, you have to give a great quantity of exams for classes. Science classes require students to be a good test taker, so students can receive their aimed GPA. It is beneficial that Mometrix Test Preparation is helping students build test strategies to prepare the student for exams. I have some tactics that I follow for myself in order to achieve my intended grade.
The first rule that anybody should follow, if they want to succeed in tests is that they should attend classes, review sessions, and try to get any help from their professors or peers before exams. They should always ask questions in class and clarify their thought, as one of my teachers used to say, “A fool for five minutes is better than a fool for the rest of their life.” Attending classes will make you more familiar with the concepts and teachers’ teaching style, and when a professor offers a review session or practice tests it always helps to use it because most of the time it covers what is going to be in the tests and the test format. The second rule is that you should not procrastinate, the earlier you start to study for a test, the better chance you will be prepared for the test. I have few friends who say that they study tremendous hours for an exam but would not excel in them. It is better to study for a test earlier in chunks than cramming. Procrastination does not help with a test, even if you study for numerous hours right before one or two days of exams, your brain won’t be able to process all of the information, and you will more like to forget some important details in exams.
It’s is always better to study at least before one or two weeks of exams and review your information before a day and on the day of the exam. Some of the resources I use to prepare for my tests.

Naushin from Pennsylvania
College Junior
University of Pittsburgh