Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over my years in school, I’ve slowly become better at preparing for exams. I’ve learned to avoid procrastination, study the difficult and boring material before anything else, utilize flashcards for any vocabulary or important concepts, and be confident about the exam. The most important step in studying is to avoid procrastination. Don’t wait until the night before the exam to begin looking at the material because you’ll likely try to cram in as much information as possible. In my experience, I always ended up remembering nothing from study sessions where I tried to cram in as much information as possible. If you study in short bursts in the weeks or days prior to the exam you’ll likely learn more and be less stressed out. Also, I always study the information I find difficult or boring before I study the interesting topics. If I end up saving the boring stuff for last, I’ll be dreading it the entire time I’m studying the information I find novel. It’ll turn into a huge distraction that I can avoid by getting the tough subjects out of the way beforehand. Next, I always make use of flashcards for any vocabulary I study. I’ve found flashcards to be extremely useful for memorizing pesky vocabulary words. Vocabulary of the subject you’re currently studying should always be memorized before an exam. Besides, how can someone succeed on a test if they don’t fully understand some of the words in the questions? Once I put all my strategies into use and get my studying over with, the last hurdle I must overcome is confidence about the test. It’s never a wise idea to go into the exam room stressed about the challenge you’re about to face. You must go in with confidence and truly believe that you will succeed on your exam. This confidence can be tough to muster up. However, if you study properly for the exam and look at all the material, there’s no reason not to be confident. Always remember you can only do your best and what’s most important is that you tried to study.

Aaron from Georgia
High School Senior
Glynn Academy