Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Not only do I take a practice tests, I have white boards posted on the walls around my room. I post concepts and practice questions all over the room. I have answers to questions on opposite walls, so I make it a game and run from the question boards to the answer boards to quiz myself. When my mother hears me going back and forth, she knows I am getting close to being satisfied with my review. Sometimes, just a regular notes or book review get boring. When I think I have mastered what I need, I give myself a certain amount of time to answer all the questions. The other way I study is to put all the answers and questions on index cards and place them in a big jar. All of the answers are spread out in front of me so I can pick a question and then choose the correct answer from the pile.

X'amis from Maryland
College Sophomore
University of pittsburgh