Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone comes up with fantastic ways of preparing for their tests that allow them to do the best that they can, whether it is actually knowing the material or simply calming the nerves of test anxiety. Personally, I have tried as many test techniques that I thought were possible, leading me to come to my personal recipe for preparing myself to perform to my best ability on any given test.
I begin my preparations at least a week in advance of the day of my test by beginning with the process of creating flash cards. This is an important part of the process, as it not only provides a very useful tool for future preparation, but the creating of the cards in themselves are very important. The process of collecting information and then prioritizing it builds a reliable structure on what to anticipate will be on the test in terms of content, therefore I know what topics to direct more of my focus towards. As a secondary part of creating the cards, actually writing down the topics is a very useful part of my memorization process. I then use these flashcards twice a day to allow myself for improvement throughout the day and to build up my knowledge and memorization skills.
Two days before the test is when I reread the corresponding chapters in the textbook that the test would be on. This allows me to not only recap the information that I had put on the flashcards, but also revisit the more detailed or less important sections of the test. This also works well with the preparation for the next day, which is to do a portion of the problems from the textbook. I usually do about ten questions, but never more than fifteen so I do not overwhelm myself and to ensure that the problems I do complete are done correctly.
Finally, the day of the test comes and I wrap up my preparation with a solid eight-hour sleep and wake up to a substantial breakfast, whether it is bacon and eggs or biscuits and gravy. From then I review the questions I had completed the day before and once more go through my now thoroughly memorized flashcards before my test.
I find that this method of studying not only allows me to effectively learn the material, but also allows me to pursue other activities that are vital to my success as a student. I have always been pleased with this strategy of test preparation, as I not only learn the material, but manage my time effectively for other classes and work.

Caleb from Arizona
College Sophomore
Cochise College