Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests have always been something that I hated doing. From not feeling prepared for the test to not fully comprehending the material has lead to me uneasy feeling of tests. Over time I have learned great practices to help me feel more prepared for tests. First, I make sure to read the material as we discuss it in class. I usually try to read it before lecture in case any questions do pop up then this is the perfect time to ask. Second, I spend time reviewing each chapter after we go through it in class. By doing this, I am reinforcing the material and making sure that I fully comprehend everything that was discussed. Third, when I know a test is coming up I either make flashcards or some tool to help me review the informations, especially the topics most difficult for me. By starting this study process early I feel much more prepared and informed on the topics. Lastly on the few days leading up to the test I make sure that I don't have any questions about the material that I should go talk to the professor about. The night before the test I study the material, but don't spend hours doing this because it will only start to drain me. The morning before tests I make sure to start the day off by eating breakfast and doing one more review for the test. I feel like the most successful part for me in all of my studying is learning the material early. This helps me to have a good grasp on the information and gives me a much longer time to get familiar with it, ask questions, and study and review the information. This process has given me a lot of success on tests and has definitely helped me to receive much higher grades.

Acacia from Minnesota
College Junior
Concordia - Saint Paul