Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to test prep is to redo/review the previously assigned homework. When I do my homework the first time I feel as though I’m completing it just to complete it because of the deadline. I hardly ever fully understand the concepts with so little time between deadlines and taking multiple classes at once. When I go through the material a second time however I am able to take my time and go through similar examples from the book, look up videos on youtube explaining in more detail than the lecture, and identify the types of problems that they are asking. For example, when I took my second calculus class I really struggled with integration and methods of solving those types of problems. There are many different ways to solve each problem there is the straight up method where you follow a formula, there’s u-substitution, integration by parts etc. I really struggled with recognizing the differences in how to approach the problems. But when I was able to take my time and fully understand the material I mastered integration and passed the class with a B. Also, often the exams are based off homework problems. I have taken classes where the exam was exactly like the homework only the numbers changed or they ask you to solve for something else which was a given in the original problem. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and I have tried many different types of test prep like flash cards, outlines, trying to memorize complicated formulas but none of them have worked for me. Flash cards are kinda hard to design since most of my work involves math of some sort, outlines really only work for vocabulary words and concepts, and the formulas are often way too long or there is so many that memorizing them is nearly impossible. But when I can really comprehend the material and know how it is derived I feel confident that I can solve any problem that is given to me.

Terran from Arizona
College Junior
University of New Mexico