Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices have always been to pay attention, take lots of notes and then one week prior to the test, make myself flash cards. Several times a day, I study those flash cards and try to memorize them. If I get them wrong, I put in a separate pile so that I know to go back and continue studying them until I learn them. It is harder for me than most people to study as I have a very hard time concentrating and have severe test anxiety, but I never give up. I have tried other ways to study, but this has been the most effective way that I have found for myself to do as best as I can on tests.

The night prior to the test, I always read over my notes and study all my flash cards to help keep everything fresh in my memory. On the day of the test, I make sure to eat a healthy snack, I take deep breaths throughout the exam to try and relieve my anxiety and make sure to read and reread the instructions and questions several times to ensure that I do not misinterpret them.

In the past I have tried study groups, but unfortunately this method has been proven not best for me even though it has been beneficial to my classmates. So, in conclusion, lots of note taking and flash cards are the best practices for myself in preparing for test taking.

Ricardo from Arizona
High School Senior
Salpointe Catholic