Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to Test preparation for big exams such as Midterms or Finals, I find that the best method to study is both individually and with other students. Firstly, I make sure to visit the Professor’s Office Hours and ask them questions from the lectures that I didn’t understand. I personally have a difficult time with understanding other people’s methods of understanding lectures, so I feel much better asking the Professor themselves.
With my busy schedule, I plan at least three to four hours of studying every day a week before the day of the test. I mostly use recall methods. For example, I will study Subject 1 on Monday, then study Subject 2 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, then I try my best to recall both Subject 1 and Subject 2 without the use of notes. I do this with the help of making flashcards and tests on Quizlet. This pattern continues with more portions, and the day before the test, I recall everything with all my flashcards and tests I’ve made for myself. It is extremely helpful, especially when I need to know scientific terms for the Veterinary Field.
If I know friends or students from the class, I send out messages asking if they’d like to make a study group. I like to leave it open to anyone who can fit the meeting time because there is always the possibility that someone has tips or better knowledge on a certain subject. I discover that many people have interesting ways of remembering important knowledge. For example, a student told me that the hiragana for the Japanese character “mu” ( む) looks like a pregnant snake. It’s strange, but it has obviously connected in my head. Generally, I like to have study groups two or three days before the test because not only does this help other students do better on their tests, but it also allows me to better understand the subject if I teach it to others, lessening my dependence on having to look at flash cards or look at notes. Ultimately leading me to a better score on the test.

Ashanti from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Ariona