Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

ctor E Sinohui
The University of Arizona
Mometrix Scholarship

There are many ways that people can study. And there are techniques that work better then they do for others. For me, I find 3 techniques I learned in my intro to Psychology class to be the most useful. The first one is self testing. With this technique you basically make flashcards or create a mock exam and you test yourself on the ability to retrieve information. Then you can go back and re-study the parts or areas you didn’t do so well in. This technique is useful because testing yourself strengthens the pathways in your brain where information is stored. Making is more difficult to forget and easier to remember. This yields better results and is more effective as opposed to re-reading lecture notes or slides.
The second technique that is useful for me is to study 2 unrelated topics together. An example would be to study the materials for a Chemistry exam and then switch to study for Cosmology or Greek mythology. Because these subjects are unrelated, the information becomes easier to remember after having to remember it so frequently. These techniques prove to be most useful when preparing for exams as well as Final Exams.
The 3rd technique I find useful is the 25 minute technique or the Pomodoro technique. This technique consists of studying and reviewing the material for 25 minutes, then taking a break, doing something different, or maybe taking a nap. This results in better storage of the information. Yielding better results.
These techniques have proven to be most useful for me. I have used them time after time and I was happy with the results. Unfortunately, each and every person's mind works differently. These techniques might be useful for some and not others. It is completely dependent on what the person feels works form them best. I thank you your consideration for this scholarship.

Victor from Arizona
College Freshman
The University of Arizona