Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To me, studying is like playing “doodle jump.” If you are unfamiliar with this very addicting game, picture a player frantically grasping onto their iphone while jerking it side to side in an effort to guide their small jumping avatar up a series of platforms, aiming not to fall to their untimely and utterly devastating death. The game intensifies with each jump as the creature begins to leap further distances to fewer platforms-- one must be strategic with their movements as a single wrong move can cost a player the whole game and they will be forced to start from square one. Now, you may be thinking, “What does this ridiculous game have anything to do with studying?” Well, I view studying as a series of steps, or platforms. I have to jump from one step to another in order to reach my “high score.” The first platform is books, this is where I devour information and create a base upon which to build my knowledge throughout a unit of material. The subsequent platforms are each day of class where I apply and expand my new knowledge, taking bigger leaps and risks to challenge myself to gain a deeper understanding. The hardest level comes when organizing material to begin the process of review. I gather my carefully taken notes and given materials and then work to condense them, virtually putting them through a strainer which leaves behind only the most essential information. I then utilize the website Quizlet to enter in important terms and I practice writing these down on a whiteboard where I can invent mnemonics or anecdotes to remember tough definitions. I repeatedly read and write terms until I feel confident that I can do my personal best and then I take my last, and happiest, leap into my bed at an early hour, as I believe good rest is one of the most essential steps in studying. As each unit draws to a close, I complete new levels and master my technique at the game of studying, hoping to achieve my next “personal record" on the quest for knowledge.

Taylor from Delaware
High School Senior
Ursuline Academy