Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There is nothing more excruciating and eye-numbing than cramming the night before a big test. Again and again, I told myself I won’t do it next time. But it wasn't until four o'clock in the morning that I began to study chemical equilibrium and partial derivatives. After seeing my grades go down and subsequently, my health from lack of sleep, I committed to preparedness. My favorite preparation practices are participating in study groups, solving example problems and creating a testing environment.
Frequent meetings in the study group are an effective way for me to learn because the classmates not only hold me accountable, but also my mistakes are corrected on the spot. What’s more, I can also teach others about topics they may struggle with. This is beneficial to me because I found that I truly know the subject enough to teach it. Notably,collaborating and discussing gives me a deeper understanding of the material.
In study groups, I reviewed many practice problems. The beauty of a field such as STEM is that it takes a simple concept and invites students to take different approaches to it. However, this means that the problem cannot be solved simply by memory. I collect from as many resources as possible, such as YouTube videos and practice exams from websites like Mometrix.com. After, I am able to gather my information and put myself in a more classroom-like environment.
As a nervous test taker, I struggled with finding efficient speed. Before when I took practice tests, I would lie on my bed, blast music and talk on the phone. Certainly, my surroundings would need to change. I eliminated all distractions and set a timer for myself to complete my work. Surely, being comfortable in a more precise environment helps me relieve test anxiety.
There are still many more exams that stand between my degree and I. But with the assistance of my study group, practice problems, and an effective environment, I am able to prepare for exams rather than cram the night before.

Alyssa from Michigan
College Junior
Macomb Community College