Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before I list the many wonderful ways I have managed to uphold my grades through my four years of high school, I would like to mention the many things that I have done, that I would recommend others not do. These things included me spending all night watching YouTube, and telling myself I would start study in an hour… or two. See my testing skills has exponentially grown and shaped me into the test taker I am today.
Sometimes the best way to be prepared for a test, is to learn the first time. Because of this, I have found myself reviewing for tests, rather than cramming/learning the information for the test. Reviewing for a test will enable you to constantly refresh your mind of the topics, and rather than having short term memory about the topics, you will find yourself remembering important information for lessons to come, because trust me, everything you learn is connected in someway.
This applies to math, science and history:
I would advise, when it comes to math tests, to review the basics of algebra or trigonometry. These basics tend to find their way to your much harder classes like precalc. Go through practice problems found in your textbook!
PLEASE TAKE NOTES. While study for my rigorous AP history classes, what has worked best for me is taking notes over time. The questions asked under these sections are what most textbooks hope you grasp while reading through the textbook. Notes, especially Cornell notes will enable you to keep track especially when it comes to such subjects that is heavily information based.
Please study over time, studying two weeks in advance, as little as 15 minutes daily will make sure a difference compared to the weekend before.
Get lots of sleep, I used to laugh at this advice, but staying up till 3 in the morning the day before, will not help you retain the information and you’ll simply be too tired during the day.
ASK FOR HELP, this can be from the teacher, tutor, or just need that extra hand. And that okay!
Good luck!

Chinazam from Maryland
High School Senior
Eleanor Roosevelt High school