Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Through out the years I have struggled with preparing for test and accomplishing a good grade. But things that have helped me prepare for my test is practicing all the questions or possible scenarios that can help you with this testing. You also what to get a better understanding by asking questions. It does matter sometimes you have to ask those “dumb” questions to help you comprehend better. Ask questions to anyone that could help you like teachers, parents and sometimes your friends can help you to. Another way to prepare yourself is by not procrastinating or waiting to the last minute to study and try to cram everything in your brain. Doing that doesn’t put information in your long term memory part of the brain. Like me, you can also you a visual aid to help you understand that question better. Having a visual could make you realize where your mistakes are and how you can fix them. When having this visual aid you would want to take notes and label things if needed. Overall we can all improve on our testing skills and understanding. There are many many more ways to extend our study habits but these are just a few of mine.

N’Josia from Michigan
High School Senior
West Bloomfield High School