Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare for a test, I like to first write my notes during class. I always write my notes in blue ink because there are studies that show better. This is because I can ask any questions I have regarding the material laid out in front of me. From there, I make flashcards for all the need-to-know words and names of diagrams. These work for me because they quiz me on remembering the materials so I would know it when it pops up on the test. I make sure to start studying a week before the test date. The week gives me more than enough time to continue my studies. Throughout the week, I separate the material into piles of know-it-completely and need a little more studying. Obviously, this lets me know what I need to put more effort into. When this is all done, I have plenty of rest the night before the test. You should always get a good night's rest because feeling well-rested is the goal and giving your brain time to get ready for the test. When the day comes, I bring chocolates to snack on during the test. The chocolates are also included in a study that improves thinking.

Kortney from Tennessee
High School Senior
West Creek High