Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a Nursing student and I work as a Resident Assistant and a Student Worker on campus. Working two jobs while taking nursing classes and going to clinical is a very stressful thing to even think of. I always get the “How do you make good grades” questions from my friends. Really there is a lot of planning & studying pattern that I use in order to make my life less stressful. I have four steps that I make sure I go through before I take an exam, and if I omit any step then I don’t feel prepared.
The first step is to give myself enough time to study at least a week and few days before the exam. I noticed that when I don’t read way before the exam I end up doing badly on the exam. When I study well enough before the exam I end up having extra time to go through the chapters again, to complete all my steps and have good rest the night before the exam.
Another test preparation that I use is writing down words as many times as I can. I attended high school in
Nigeria where I did not use computers to take notes or exams, so I am already accustomed to
using pen and paper for every little thing. Writing down words help the material stay in my brain
for a long time and while taking an exam I am able to picture things that I wrote down.
Additionally, I use, what I believe should be every student’s best friend, the internet as a resource. In nursing school the way the questions are set up is all about application because it is not like simple “what is water?” type of questions, so for me I have to do a lot of practice questions in order to get familiar with the way my professor might set questions. I search for sample NCLEX style questions and this really helps me think and provide me with multiple ways a question can be asked on the exam. The rationale to the answer is the most important to me that way I know why the answer is right and others are wrong.
Last thing that I do is group discussion. It is a good way to hear other's perspective and quiz one another.

Mariam from Georgia
College Junior
Middle Georgia State University