Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many different elements that are incorporated into a unique test preparation strategy and plan. My test preparation practices were derived from the learning style that I believed were able to help me understand the material. I found that simply reviewing and regurgitating the course material were ineffective to my personal learning and understanding. This type of practice was only helping me memorize, but it did not allow me to expand beyond the boundaries of what I was attempting to understand. I believe that the utmost important practice for any test preparation would be the development of a positive and realistic mindset. My professor once told me “ if you enter the test room believing you will fail, then you will fail, but if you can enter that test room with the mindset of doing well, then the reflection of that belief will help drive you to attain what you desire.” This alone is not enough to help anyone ace an exam, but it is a strong driving force that can ease the stress and doubt of anyone who desires to work hard on their exam. I often encourage and reinforce myself prior to any test because the fuel of any test taker is their morale.
Although the most basic and fundamental strategy of any test practice is the confidence and morale, there are definitely other methods that I often utilize. My most effective test preparation practice is simply drawing. I like to draw and visualize the course material instead of reading and memorizing my notes. Applying my knowledge in practice problems, developing concept maps, and drawing connections together are all branches of the same art, visualizing through applying. This is very useful for me since I am college student studying both Biology and Chemistry. Through this practice, I am able to build connections through the different topics in a given test and create a story that can help me understand the material.

Tuesa from Minnesota
College Junior
Concordia University Saint Paul