Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The one thing I've always do before getting ready to take a test is to remain calm before class starts. Before taking a test, I would only use the test review and repeat the questions until you memorize it, going over your notes is a great thing, but it attempts to take much memory and time unless you want to verify it. In Psychology class, my teacher told me about how much we can remember for approximately 20 minutes, after that, you take a break and continue studying so you can keep the memory flowing. When there's a huge test the night before, it's best to get full rested or at least be ready that you have enough energy for the rest of the day, even if don't study that night, at least you can think about what's the best answer around you. Going over the test review is important where many teachers prefer not to give out answers that can take seconds to solved, however, going over the concept of the question can help lead you to get to the main problem, especially for Algebra and Physics. Many of my friends who stayed up overnight studying failed the test where their minds can't filled all the information they needed to passed, your mind will also wander around about other things that let you avoid the answers the test. Try not to mark your answers on pen that makes it unreadable for the teacher to not understand the correct answer. I prefer to write in pencil to make it easier to focus instead of wasting time about making your final answer when in reality, you can just write a pen and erase it if you make a mistake. For final exams or standardized tests, I always tried to stay calm, when you attempt to panic especially when it's a timed test, it makes you want to finish it instead of checking for the right answers, if you're calm, your answers will most likely be right unless you have five minutes left. And finally, be early so you can adapt to the new testing environment to make you feel more relaxed instead of being anxious.

Kyle from Virginia
High School Senior
Colonial Forge