Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for tests I usually go over notes that I had been accumulating over the chapter the test is over. When going over my notes I try to memorize the terms I have written down. Memorizing the terms includes understanding what the term stands for and what it means in the context of what we are studying. Like right now we are studying current in physics, and I must understand that current is the flow of charge. It won't do me much good to know that current is the flow of charge if I don't know that current flows opposite the electron flow. Every term or basic fact in my notes has a purpose and is connected to the other facts and terms around it. Studying one term leads to another, and a chain effect happens, so that when I forget what one term means, I relate other terms to that one term that I had forgotten so I have a chance at remembering. When studying, I also use the internet as a resource. Plenty of teacher upload practice problems that I use to understand math problems and physics problems. I use the internet as a resource, and not just for fun.

Jenna from Missouri
High School Senior
Eagle Heights Christian School