Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Through the struggles in life I realized that money could become an obstacle in various situations. Attending a university could cost a lot of money, causing my parents to work for my education and future. Earning this scholarship will alleviate the stress that is caused from the economical pressure of working and saving money to attend a university.
Throughout my life I have seen my parents work for my siblings and my future. Attending a university is my priority, knowing the sacrifices that my parents and I will have to overcome. My sister attends Texas Tech and I have witnessed my parents sacrifice their wants in order to save money to pay for her education. Focusing on my education is my priority and working while studying could affect my focus and school performance. This scholarship will allow me to focus and commit to my future. However, continuing in a 4-year university has become my ambition, which I plan to achieve. I plan to expand my education not only by the university but also hands-on experience. Volunteering in Del Sol Medical Center has given me the ability to reinsure my Biological Science major but also given me more passion towards the medical field. My plans for the future have evolved from attending a university out of my home city to saving and paying for my education. My plans on volunteering at Del Sol are however, sustained because I believe that hands-on experience is the best form of education that is very beneficial. By volunteering, I will be able to grow relationships with people in the field that could construct a path for me.
Continuing my education is critical to me because of the eternal passion that has grown through my experiences and determination in assisting others. Receiving the opportunity to help others at Del Sol Medical Center, has given me hands-on experience in the medical field and has reassured my plans but also shown me behind the scene of being in the medical field. Helping others has always been my passion.

Cristian from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School