Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Effective test preparation requires time and self-care. Time is important because cramming material requires skipping many important concepts. Also, self-care like exercise and sleep are beneficial for maximizing test performance. Tests are much less daunting when enough time is allocated to studying, and my brain and body feel good.

Time is one of the crucial elements of preparing for a test because it reduces pressure. I set aside a few hours a day for a week before the test, so my studying is consistent. This ensures I do not skip over something important due to a lack of time. Moreover, the longer the knowledge sits in my brain, the more connections I make between different concepts. It is much more difficult to decipher the meaning of a concept when it only has two hours to sit in my brain before a test. These are the reasons it is important to set aside plenty of time for studying before a test.

Self-care before tests is vital to me. One week before a test, I jog and lift weights more than usual. On test weeks, I double the amount and intensity of my workouts. The main reason for a more rigorous exercise regimen is its stress-relieving properties. I have more confidence and less performance-anxiety. Along with exercise, it’s important for me to get enough sleep. 8 hours of sleep has me feeling rested, energized, and motivated. My concentration suffers severely with any amount of sleep less than that. In short, I take great pride in caring for my body and mind with exercise and sleep before tests.

My test strategies will work for anyone, and I challenge all students to try more time and self-care before their next test. Time allows less to be skipped over while studying, and more concepts to be connected. Meanwhile, self-care in the form of exercise and sleep are universally recognized for the positive effects they have on well-being and focus. I’m happy and confident with my performance on tests and my preparation strategies have everything to do with it.

Akeem from Washington
College Sophomore
Highline College