Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I’m a visual learner, so anything that gives me a way to visualize what I’m learning, I use. Flashcards, taking notes, and reading are all great ways for me to learn and understand things. Also asking my teacher or professor questions on a certain subject really help me and keep me from floundering in unanswered questions.

I use Quizlet a lot, which gives me an easy way of using flashcards online. The flashcards serve as a way of quizzing myself, just as well as if someone were quizzing me verbally. Flashcards are simply at my disposal and are easily accessed whenever I need them. I can either make my own flashcards on Quizlet, or I can use someone else’s notes that are already made on the app.

Along with Quizlet, I take notes on the OneNote app, which I find to be incredibly helpful. Taking notes helps give me a visual. When I’m sitting in a lecture, taking notes helps keep me focused on what the speaker is saying and on what the topic is about. Without taking notes, I have the potential of missing something important. After taking the notes, I can easily scroll through them and read what the speaker talked about, giving me a good refresher on what was lectured.

In addition to note taking and flashcards, reading content from a book really helps give me a good style of visualization. When I say read, I don’t mean skimming over the reading, but rather, thoroughly reading the pages and letting the content sink in. Something else that really helps me while I’m reading is highlighting. I highlight things that I believe are important and should be known for my tests and quizzes. Highlighting also helps me focus on what I’m reading, and I’m less likely to zone out while I’m reading. Combining all of these studying and learning techniques together form, in my opinion, a great test preparation practice.

Stacey from California
High School Senior
Calvary Christian School