Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over my time in high school, I have participated in highly competitive contests through our local FFA Chapter, while maintaining a standard of academic excellence in classes. It has been thanks to the study habits and test preparation skills I have learned that have helped me manage and excel in both. Since my sophomore year, I have been competing in the Arizona FFA's Vet Science Career Development Event (CDE). This CDE mixes both practical applications of principals, a theoretic understanding of diseases and situations, and a massive question bank for the online CDE exam. I quickly learned that relying on one form of studying was not going to engage all the parts of my brain and allow the knowledge to really stick in my memory. By mixing studying techniques and forms I have been awarded the high test score award for earning a 100% on the test at the Arizona FFA Spring contest for the past two years. Here is are the studying tactics, techniques, and routines I used to be successful. First, I began by setting aside two non-consecutive hours a day to specifically study these questions. Then I began writing out flashcards, although the study bank stays mostly the same each year I always start over, rewriting my flashcards, this helps my brain memorize the words and connects the movement between my hand and the information. As I go I make cards for tips like when I'm studying abbreviations for left and right ears I know that AD is right because A means "auditory" and D stands for "dominant" (or at least for me it does). Once I have handwritten flashcards I create a Quizlet with flashcards to be able to study. Using Quizlet allows me to test, play learning-based games, or simply go through the flashcards. Once I feel confident in my knowledge I will ask a friend or my mom to quiz me on the information. I also take practice tests from past years. I used similar techniques to study for the ACT and my finals and have had very pleasing results.

Madeline from Arizona
High School Senior
Globe High School