Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am going to talk about many test prep taking strategies that I have found to be extremely successful in preparing me for tests and hope this information will help someone else also. Unfortunately for me (and many others), I have very bad and sometimes debilitating test anxiety. A few quarters ago, I had failed a test 3 times. I felt like some of the wording in this particular test was very tricky. I had decided to work with a course instructor who taught me about breaking sentences down to figure out what the question is really asking and on how to ignore those tricky words. Not only do I break down each test question, but I have attempted several other different test taking prep strategies in which some were suggested by some of the course instructors.
I have found that the best prep strategies that work for me are making sure that I don’t procrastinate and cram at the last minute but instead I take my time, take plenty of notes, I look over the chapter reviews more than once, I make sure that I review the notes just prior to the test, I make sure that I have plenty of relaxation time prior to taking the test, I do deep breathing exercises about 15 minutes prior to the test and even sometimes during, I turn my fan on and I use the fan because I feel that it helps cool me off and the fan sound itself can help relax me as well. I also find myself using an essential oil diffuser for the last several tests. My husband bought me an essential oil diffuser for Christmas and I have used it the last several tests that I have taken and feel that it’s been very effective at calming my nerves. The essential oil diffuser is extremely helpful towards relieving stress and anxiety as well, especially when using the more soothing scents.
Using a white board could be very helpful too. I was told that right when the test begins, you can write down what you just studied and what you have memorized on the white board. I have used a white board a few times and found that to be very helpful as well, although I do not use it often just because I feel like I want to immediately get started on the test rather than writing.
In conclusion, by making sure you have prepped yourself well for each test, then you can ensure that you will have a better test taking experience and with better grade results as well.

Betty from Indiana
College Junior
Western Governors University