Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Through elementary and secondary school the teacher's focus on test taking skills helped me develop good habits for preparing for any assessment. Test preparation practices vary from person to person and what works for one may not work for another. The basic steps for preparation are typically similar. As a single parent, my time is stretched thin and I must study efficiently.
The first step in preparing efficiently starts well before any test. I start by reading the book material before lecture, taking notes, highlighting important information, and writing down any questions I have for the professor as I go through the reading. If its an online class or the professor set up student groups or there are other resources for asking questions I exhaust those options first and document every answer received. Attempt to ask the question during lecture if time and the class allows. If the answer to my question was still not answered satisfactorily I will reach out to the professor directly and provide the answers I've received. Once I have initially fully comprehended all the subject material I will write down key takeaway points to use as a study guide when the test is near.
Organizing notes, study materials and even flash cards is the next step to efficiently study. I have clear page markers between chapters in my notes and keep my flash cards organized. Any time I add information to the key takeaway points I review the previous information briefly and I quickly recall as much information as possible. If I have forgotten a key point I return to the section of my notes and briefly refresh the subject. The flash cards stay in order by chapter and section but after I add new ones I revisit the older ones and ensure that I still have the knowledge engraved in my mind.
By preparing for the test as I learn the material the weeks before a major test are easier and I can focus on more detailed areas that more challenging or I need to dive deep into the subject matter.

Nallely from Texas
College Freshman