Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Every good test taker knows the the three basic rules in order to be successful on every test. One, review about week prior to the test take 25 minutes with five minute breaks while you study. Secondly, sleep, sleep, and more sleep! Staying up cramming last minute for the test or pulling an all night last minute study session is a recipe for disaster. Walking into a test with a foggy mindset and sleep deprivation is simply going to leave you unfocused and inclined to make more mistakes on the test. Finally, arrive to your test early, this gives you time ask your professor any last minute questions you may be concerned about on the test.

While every good test taker knows the three basic rules, there a few tips to help ensure you are prepared for a test. Sit down with a friend or loved one attempt to teach them what material is on the test. If you find yourself unable to properly explain the concept, then take note of this and review it in a study session. I used this frequently in math or foreign language classes as this asserts what I need to study and solidifies what I already know.

If you experience test anxiety such as myself. Do not speak negatively with your friends. Engage in positive behavior and support one another. Remember, you are all in this together having a positive support group to cheer you on is one way to relive your stress and boost your confidence.

Overall, follow the three basic rules review early, get a good night's sleep, and arrive early before the test begins. Meanwhile, try to teach a friend or loved one material covered on the test, this a great way to find out what needs review and what you know. Lastly, everyone gets nervous for a test, but having a positive support group can boost your confidence and relieve the butterflies in your stomach.

Meghan from Ohio
College Freshman
The University of Akron