Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For students, taking a test can be a big deal whether your grade relies on a good score or if you want to be prepared for college. Many students often struggle with study methods that allow them to receive the best score they possibly can. Along with many other students, I have also experienced the struggle of finding beneficial methods for studying test material. During my sixth grade year of school, I began to struggle with memorizing information that would be on a test. After years of trying new things, I have found a method that works consistently for most of my tests. The method I use begins with taking detailed notes during class or lectures. Then a week or two before the test, depending on how much material is on it, I write a study guide based on the notes. I have discovered that rewriting notes helps me memorize the information better rather than looking over the material repeatedly. This “study guide method,” worked wonders and increased my test scores dramatically.
This strategy of studying continues to benefit me as a senior in highschool when I have to prepare for an upcoming test that is based on the memorization of certain material. But when it comes to a math exam of any kind, I change my procedure. For math tests, memorizing specific problems would not be useful because more than likely, the test questions will not be the same as the given practice problems. So to study, I write down practice problems that are given by the teacher and problems I found on Khan Academy and I then proceed to try and solve them to the best of my ability. After I completed all the ones I can, I check the answers and make sure they are correct. With the problems I really do not know how to do, I write down as much work as I can and then skip it over until the end. When I am finished correcting it, I go back and solve the problem with my notes. I continue this problem until I am able to do all the problems sufficiently
Overall, studying methods that promote good test scores are extremely important to individuals at any level of education. The “study guide method,” that I utilize works well because when I write down information, I have to focus and think about what I am writing which ultimately forces the brain to relay the information over again. This discovery has benefited me in many ways and I would like other students to also have the same opportunity.

Madison from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Saint Joseph High School