Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation practice has become a common thing to do in this era where most qualifications are gained based on how well one does on a test.Regardless of what test is to be taken,a good preparation will always increase the chances of getting a better result in test.As for me,my very own preparation practices are built upon the foundation which says“test preparation practice is not just an act that is done before a test but a continuous practice that prepares an individual even for an unexpected test”. Basically,the first practice is to know what I am learning.It sounds weird but that is my ultimate practice.Knowing what I am learning organizes the things I learn in my mind,this is done by being conscious when I learn.For Instance,just after learning a biology topic and I switch to math,I signal myself in the change of topic.It is similar to refreshing a computer,just that,it is my brain this time.By doing this,I can remember what I learned faster.
Having done the above,I move unto my next practice which is to understand what I learned.Test is not a one way challenge,So being able to remember what was learned is not enough for me,but to understand the core concepts too.This is challenging,but with logical thinking,understanding will not be difficult.I always try to understand the core concepts so no matter how a test is set up,I will be able to take it head on.While the above two preparation practices take place in an endless loop,I review what I have learned at the end of every week.This puts me in check to make sure I have really completed the two practices.Finally,when I am within a month’s time to a test,I go by a schedule that keeps my mind in an active state while I am relaxed.This is achieved by having enough sleep and structured revision.I do not revise more or less than the time structured.A constant revision time becomes a habit thus making learning less stressful for me.Plus a little more rest will not hurt,but rather gets me in shape to revise better.

Yu Xiang from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
University Of Pittsburgh,Dietrich School Of Art&Science