Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Testing has always been a challenge for me. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder and I am a visual learner, but not all teachers teach in a visual way. Over time, I have had to learn how to take the information from my teachers and re-learn what was taught in class. This became my way to study for all of my courses when I became a high school student. The first portion of my test preparation and how I study is to first set my room up like the classroom; I am at my desk with white noise in the background. I need to visualize myself in the classroom. I take information from my study notes, and create a visual draft of an explanation of the course- whether it is math, science, forensics, or even my culinary course. When I recreate the visual for my culinary course, for example, I draw pictures of the processes of what a certain recipes ingredients should do to make the creation. For my forensic class, I will actually create a crime scene to practice how to use the tools I am learning during the unit.

The second part of my test preparation is repetition. I cannot review my visualized notes just once; I must look at and review the material multiple times to have it embedded in my mind. I do not want to memorize and move on to the next unit, I need to absorb and learn the information so that I am able to use it in the future, as well as, understand it. If I do not understand it thoroughly, I cannot remember it.

The last part of my test preparation is to relax. I do not want to over study because I could possibly end up forgetting any new information I have learned, or not trusting myself with my final answers. I know it sounds elementary, but I never cram, and I always make sure I get a good nights sleep and a good breakfast in the morning. Once the morning comes, I take a deep breath, trust myself and do the best I can do.

Andraya from Virginia
High School Senior
Patriot High School