Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying can be stressful, especially when it comes to large unit tests or final exams. Personally, my most effective study habit is reviewing what my teachers go over in class for ten minutes every day. Doing this, I retain information for a possible future pop quiz and studying the entire unit is more manageable once I have reviewed notes and lectures by themselves.
I start reviewing at least two or three days before a test to break up the information appropriately. I start with reviewing the introduction, this is normally easy information, but I want to make sure not to forget an important vocabulary word or equation. After this, I move on to certain topics within the unit. I start with the overarching theme of the topic and list everything I can remember on a piece of paper, including short descriptions on difficult subjects. After this, I skim through my notes to make sure I did not forget anything in my list. When it comes to a final exam, this process is more overwhelming. Instead of miro-units, I study units as a whole, using my same listing process. I may list everything I remember a couple of times if I forget important topics within the unit.
Most important for a final exam is giving yourself enough time to study. I recommend aiming for two days of review per unit. You may miss a day or two, but there is typically at least one unit that you can gloss over when you are confident in the material. The most important reason to aim for two days per unit is breaks, a practice very important in studying. Especially with smaller units, you may not need two days of review. When I spend more than fifty minutes on one unit, I get up to stretch, get a snack or take a short walk. This short break refreshes my mind and makes me more productive when I go back to the books. Cramming before a final exam doesn’t leave much room for breaks, but giving yourself one to two weeks definitely provides time to get some fresh air and clear your mind.

Grace from Indiana
High School Senior
R. Nelson Snider High School