Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation strategies are crucial in order to succeed in high school and college. What works best for me is going over my notes and the slides after lecture so that I am constantly going back over all the information learned. By going back over the information multiple times, there’s a better chance the information will be in my long-term memory. Then, a week before each exam, I look back over all the notes once a day. Depending on how much information is covered per exam, I break up the studying into sections, so I am not trying to force all the material at once. I also watch videos on the different topics. I look up crash courses or videos of people working out problems. Anything that will show me the material in a new way is always helpful. The more ways I learn the information, the more pathways in the brain I create. With all the pathways, there is a better chance I will remember the information during the exam. The night before the exam, I skim over all the information, and if there is something I do not fully understand, I spend extra time going over that section. The day of the exam I try not to study because cramming never helps. If you do not know it the day of the exam, chances are you will not remember it during the exam. If I have to study for multiple exams at a time, for example midterms or finals, I break it up by subject. I look ever whichever exam is last first so that I’m still looking over that information, but the exams that are first will be the last thing in my memory. Each day I look over the information then take a break then switch to the next subject. The major thing that helps is to just keep going over the information because the more you look at it the more it will stay in your memory and the more it will be easily retrievable during an exam.

Abigail from Tennessee
College Sophomore
Coastal Carolina University