Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I begin a class, I start by reviewing what the class will cover. I classify my classes in different groups. Is this a deep-dive course, covering a significant amount of material? Or is it a fact-regurgitation course, where I need to know names and dates and other information that doesn’t require thought, just memory? No matter the type of course, I begin my studies with an outline of the material. I take notes based on the headings in my text book and explain major thought processes or important facts below.
Once I’ve outlined the course, I like to watch lectures. Being an auditory and kinesthetic learner, reading the text doesn’t help me significantly. I watch recorded lectures, webinars, and cohorts offered by my all online university. This helps me commit things to memory and better understand the processes being discussed in the course.
After I have a decent grasp on the material, I take practice tests. I always try to take practice tests without using any external resources. This is the only way I can determine if I truly understand the material. Practice tests are my biggest tool used when studying. I print the completed and evaluated test, and start to study every question- even the ones I answered correctly. This is where the cramming begins. I write the questions down, with the correct answer, then define why that answer is correct. If this is not knowledge I possess on my own, I look up the correct information to boost my understanding of the entire course.
I usually spend between four and six hours immediately before an exam in “cramming mode,” where I am scouring my notes, online resources, and using flashcards to remember as much as I can about what I’ve learned so far. My GPA reflects this is a suitable study method for me.

Kristin from North Carolina
College Sophomore
Western Governor's Univeristy