Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It’s the end of the year I have spent months putting time and effort it to learning boat-loads of material. I am ready to take the final test, than I realize I don’t remember half of what we learned. I frantically look over my notes but the ocean of information is to grasp at once. The final exam is the most nerve- racking part of the, but I make it less stressful through my methods of preparation. When it is time to face that is a exam I start a week in advance, take it one step at a time. Spending a day on each unit breaks up the massive amount of notes that I have to tackle. The tactic that has helped survive highs school test if summarizing, summarizing and summarizing. With a rainbow of colored pens I take the most important or most difficult aspect of each unit and push them into one easy to study index card. When I have all the information in the palm of my hand it is easier to grasp the subject. I can see all the things that I need to remember in a couple of papers, and the cards make it easier to play games while I study. “Match the unit”, “Guess what on the card” and “What color is this information?”, turning studying into a competition with my friends makes it exciting and more memorably. I have never been able to focus of on studying unless I was really interested and this methods has done exactly that, I believe that would never have become the student I am today if I didn’t make up a practices that works so well for me.

Zakiya from North Carolina
High School Senior
West Forsyth High School