Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

While most students do not enjoy the process of preparing for and taking tests, tests are a necessary part of schooling and doing well on those tests helps to retain information long term. One’s grades are quite often dependent on good test grades; therefore, a good study plan is extremely important. The test preparation practices I find most helpful are using study tools like Quizlet, studying with friends or classmates, and studying in shorter segments over a longer period of time. The first thing I do in my study routine is put the information I need to know into Quizlet and begin to study it using the various methods the website offers. I find this method more exciting than simply making flashcards and it motivates me to up my percentage learned. Another method that has been extremely helpful to me is finding study buddies. My favorite place to study with friends is at a coffee shop. Studying with friends at a coffee shop is fun as well as productive. I study very well in the environment of a coffee shop and tend to get less distracted then if I were studying at home. Also, studying with friends allows us to quiz each other and discuss the materials to refresh our memories and further understand the concepts. Finally, I prefer studying for shorter segments spread out over a longer period of time. This method is most helpful for me to retain information long term. When I am able to spend an hour or so each day studying information over several weeks, it tends to stick better in my brain and I tend to do better on my test than if I were to try to learn everything the day before the test. The combination of all of these study methods: making and studying a Quizlet, studying with friends, and studying in short segments over a long period of time, is the most effective way for me to learn and retain the information I need for a given test.

Sabrina from Texas
High School Senior