Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The test preparation practice that works best for me is to give myself enough time to study. Some students thrive on last-minute 'cramming' which causes students to sacrifice sleep time in order to study. There is no possible way they can perform well on exams without proper sleep. Thus, I believe that it is best to set up a timetable for study. Firstly, I write down how many exams I have and the days on which I will take them. Then, organize study accordingly so I can dedicate more time to those exams that are more important. I give some exams more study time than others in order to find a balance that I feel comfortable with. I prepare a daily schedule, so it is easy for other activities to quickly take precedence over studying. The biggest barrier to learn for me is social distractions. In order to get rid of all distractions, I schedule time away from the screen and set time limits for apps on my phone. Also, studying music can help to increase concentration. The genre of music that I think it is good for studying is classical music because the mood of music is peaceful, creating a calm study environment. Additionally, one of effective ways to study that I use is to challenge myself to write down everything I already know about a topic and go back to lecture notes to see what I am missing. So, I can focus more on missing topics. Using a highlighter is useful to make note-taking. To productively use it, I read text first and think about what I am actually looking for, and then highlight it. Also, visual aids can be helpful. I draw diagrams to summarize all contents and organize information. It helps me to simply information and improves recall at test time. A final tip of studying is forming a study group. Reviewing for a test as part of study group can help me to improve my notes and fill in any gaps in understanding. It is a great opportunity to gain additional knowledge about what might be on the test. All of strategies above have helped me improve test scores

Natchaya from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Middletown Area High School