Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a homeschooler the way that I study with the curriculum I have is pretty simple. I have A.C.E pace work and that curriculum has a self-test which is probably similar to a quizz as well as a pace test. First they have us take the self test and then we take the pace test. After we take the self test we correct any mistakes we may have made and then we study for the test.
The way I study for the test I typically write a review which is when I write out my checkups and self test. I also read over them a few times and try to make connections with them to help with memory stimulators for the questions on the test. A few of the ways that I do that is by singing it to the tune of a certain song I may like, or taking similar words and pairing them with words that I know and will remember. For instance synonyms are similar to one another and antonyms ain’t. Since I am homeschooled I probably have a more unique way of studying then most but it works for me and I keep a solid A and B average.

Eden from Michigan
High School Senior
Tuscola Tech Center