Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation practices that work for me are three vital practices that have help me succeed during my three years of college. These are timed sections, drawing and comprehension, playing the teacher. However, it is important to note that enough sleep and a proper nutrition are vital when intending to grasp information.

The first technique revolves around the idea of dividing your studying into four sections: learned material, easier material, denser material, doubtful material. These means you will study based on what you know, what it is easier to grasp, then jump into the denser material to end with a clarification of what you have learned. Additionally, timing one's self during this portion of your studying practices is essential to succeed. Such method implies studying the material for intervals of 20 minutes of intense focus and distracting yourself with walking for two minutes. Furthermore, the second practice technique emphasizes on comprehension and implementation. If possible proceed to connect all you learned through diagrams or voice recording. Mainly because this helps the individual map and conceptualize everything he or she has learned in their designated box. Lastly, the final step resides on full application by becoming the teacher. In this preparation practice one gets to explain the concept. This integrates both previous practices since the individual must explained everything that has been learned by providing a short lecture. The practice may include conversation, drawing on the board, and relating the material to examples. Over all, all three practices are incorporated and work effectively because the method goes beyond simple memorization. It consists of learning the material (memorizing), conceptualizing it to see if the concept was understood and finally implementing the knowledge. Altogether, preparing the individual for any test since the scenario has been put into practice since the beginning of the three steps.

Maria from Arizona
College Junior
The University of Arizona