Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are three kinds of test-takers: the diligent student, the procrastinator, and the forgetful student. No matter what type of test-taker you are however, it is important to remember that the most efficient way to ace a test is to pay attention in class, ask questions when things are unclear, and review content daily.
As for the diligent student, who likely just wants to boost their grades a bit more, some deeper thinking is involved in the study strategies. Mind mapping, using applied thinking, and teaching others are great ways to accomplish a greater understanding of content. For the mind map, start by putting the main topic you are studying in the middle of a paper and connect it to other concepts learned during the unit. Then connect related concepts. On the lines connecting terms, write out how they are related. For applied thinking, use the the concepts that will be on the test to solve a real life problem. This strategy does not work the best with certain classes but it can provide a great way to understand the concept and its impact on our world. The final strategy for the "diligent student" is tutoring another student. By answering questions and explaining ideas that may be on a test to other students, the student is being forced to recall those ideas while explaining them in ways that other students will understand. It is widely accepted that being able to teach a concept is the best way to gauge one's knowledge of the topic.
With both the other students there are less options for studying but they are still effective. For the procrastinator, they need a quick way to learn the content. Flashcards! They are easy to make--write the term on one side and definition on the other-- and a fast way to study for the few days before a test. For a forgetful student, they probably just need a refresher. Read through your notes for 15 minutes right before bed in the days leading up to a test.
These are a few simple ways to get ready for that big test. Good luck!

Shea from Washington
High School Senior
North Creek High School