Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test taking tips are easier than they sound. My first has always been to make acronyms when studying, they help me to remember information easier. Also, making hints to remember is easier, hints would usually be a key word or making another name for a particular subject to make definitions easier. The note card aspect is also helpful, making it more fun to study with others, you can make it a game or a simply test yourself. When I took psychology, I would start by reading the chapter and after automatically write down what I could remember from the top of my head then elaborate on it. What I wouldn't remember I would read over again and make note cards on that, with more information than the others because that's what I would need the most help with. I learned to never stay up late or cram, because that's how you forget faster. You should take your time and try to study slowly to make it more effective and easier to remember

Brianna from Florida
College Sophomore
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical Unversity