Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I study, I like to see the material and write it out by hand because doing so helps me comprehend the material that I learned. Tests at the University of Georgia are usually every 5 weeks or so. That is a ton of material that you need to completely memorize. I enjoy using online videos to help me learn the material. I enjoy listening and seeing the material so that I can easily remember it. Flashcards seem to be less and less helpful the further into a college degree because its not about memorizing and regurgitating the information anymore. As you get further into your degree, you have to apply the information to reality in the business world or whatever you may be studying. You also have to understand the topics in depth which is easiest to accomplish by simply going to class and taking notes on what the professor says specifically. Wasting time taking notes on the PowerPoint that will be posted later for your convenience is a waste of time. The most important notes taken are what the professor specifically says in class.

Helen from Georgia
College Junior
University of Georgia