Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I try my best not to procrastinate when it comes to studying, but it’s a habit that consumes most of us. But, in the cases that I have enough time to look over test subjects, I like to organize. I am generally a very organized person with everything else, so when it comes to test preparation, I keep that part of me intact. My organization skills overwhelm my studying in the most positively impactful way. First, I start with all of the notes I have on the given test subject. With those notes, I like to create flashcards. Flashcards are a test preparation practice that has shaped my studying in all possible test subjects. Whether I need to learn math formulas or English terms, I can rely on flashcards to help me memorize all of them. Flashcards help me greatly because I have a great retention for memories. I can better remember terms and formulas when they are on individual notecards than when they are all jumbled up on different sheets of paper in my notebook. Sometimes, I like to color-coordinate the flashcards and categorize them by topic. This leads to better memory of that vocabulary for me personally. I also like to reread any readings and presentations when they are provided. This helps because I can get a better idea of what is being asked of me in the test. All of this organization works best for me because I like to classify myself as a “Type A” personality. I like order and that translates in my work. This all helps me remain organized and focused when it comes to taking the test. Where time is limited, I usually like to highlight the keywords in my notes and class readings. exams test the knowledge gained by the student from the what they are taught. My brain does not react well to cramming my head with lessons on limited time. This is why I focus on the keywords; I avoid the cramming that I inevitably run into by procrastinating. And music - there's nothing like studying to your favorite playlist to motivate you to get your work done in favorite location!

Sydni from New York
College Freshman