Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My greatest test preparation practices would be creating a group of students who are all reviewing a similar material. This large study group would simply go in all different material and subjects in relation to the topic and it is not until the very end that specific questions are addressed. It allows my friends and I to quickly cover different material and then solve problems we have. Once the study group is over all members of the group retreat to their own safe spaces and relax. This would involve eating and napping and taking personal time for each person. After this little session there would be a small silent study session for the individual person and no contact with others until the day of the test. On test day it is just confidence boosting and last minute questions. This is what has worked for me on 7 AP tests and I have passed each, as well as my friends who have done this routine with me.

Andres from California
High School Senior
Fontana High School