Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I tend to refer to my test preparation practice as the "divide, cram, and conquer" method. It consists of taking all the material that will be on the test and studying a different portion each day. I personally find this method most effective personally when combined with last minute cramming, as many students tend to do. When I cram, I simply memorize the information, or simply remember the "what", and when I divide the information between several days I remember the "how" or "why". On their own, neither of these methods seem to work for me. As a Mathematics major, it is important for me to remember both the various formulas as well as their applications and how to use them, and I find this combined method of taking a little bit at a time before pressure-memorizing the night before to be the most effective way for me and others like me to succeed.

Robert from Texas
College Sophomore
University of Texas at Austin