Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I often put off doing things. Even if tomorrow is a test, I sleep enough the night before; however, I am an excellent student, easily over GPA of 3.5. I'd like to share my tips. I have a habit of carrying notes all the time. I arranged my schedule in my diary, and I had a habit of writing down minor things to do, things to buy, and what day there were events although it wasn't necessarily about studying. After entering college, the diary was naturally the basis for setting my study planner. Since then, I have naturally recorded and managed my daily life as a habit of studying as much as I should, even for a short time but every day. I could see through my eyes when the exams are, which parts I should study and when my time and classes were scheduled, so I began to do tasks in reality. This affected my preparation for the exam. Now when the semester starts, I check the exam date and start in the first week. The professors always prepare the Syllabus and give us a chance to arrange the schedule. It is up to the student to recognize it and to prepare step by step. I handle the classes according to the schedule and goals of each professor in the Syllabus that the professor gave me, and the plan that each professor aims for. As a result, there is no pressure on the test, no nights have to stay all night, and grades are supposed to go up. This is how I prepare for the exam. Make a habit of writing down every schedule and important dates, which results in upgrading your life as a student.

Mina from Washington
College Freshman
South Seattle College