Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing yourself for a big test can be more stressful then the test itself. As a college junior, I have had a plethora of grade-deciding tests. Over the years, I have found the best ways for me to study for tests. Everyone has different preferences and what matters most is that you find the strategy that is most effective for you. I have a couple of practices under my belt. One includes listening to my favorite musical, "Hamilton." You read that right! Alexander Hamilton's gracious voice gives me the motivation and focus exactly when I need it. While I am writing down color-coded notes, I listen to the soundtrack of the musical. It has been proven that music helps your mind focus, and it increases productivity. Listening to the familiar lyrics while reading over my notes a couple times helps my mind memorize the material. Another method that I use for test preparation is going over notes, watching videos and reviewing lecture slides while walking up-hill on my treadmill. I find that when I workout, my mind often flies at a million miles per hour. One day, I realized that I should use that perfect, tranquil time to my benefit. Not only am I bettering my physical health, I am bettering my memorization and mental health as well. Something about exercising helps the material go down easier. I still try to find the best ways to study, especially for tests that include a lot of hand-written practice. For now, these are just a few methods to my madness that seem to be proving effective.

Hannah from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona