Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I do indeed not just think that I have good preparation practices but I know that I do. I know this due to my results to tests that I have taken and the way that studying always helps to get them up. My preparation practices consist of always having all the work that is due done for the class, then taking the necessary amount of time to study. My studying methods consists of reading the sections of a book or story which the tests will be on and reviewing it. If a study guide is given to me I will examine the guide until I am one hundred percent sure that I understand it, then at times make up my own questions to answer which may be based on the test. If I have to do a vocab tests I make flashcards with the definitions on one side and the answer on the other until I know them all. When it comes to preparing for a math test I check the study guide and work on the topics/questions which will be in the tests, many times I use the Aleks program for both test and reviewing which helps in great ways for math. These certain methods work for me because I know that if I am able to repeatedly work on one certain topic and one certain set of questions then I will capture the meaning of it and master it to my own extent. Thanks to these certain practices that I have been able to develop over my academic years I have been able to get excellent grades in tests and quizzes.

Raymond from Connecticut
High School Senior
Platt Technical High School