Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Typically I begin my test preparation early. Each day I will spend an average of twenty minutes reviewing subjects that I have learned that day. I do this in order to insure that I understand main concepts and provide myself a groundwork to which I can build details upon. I crack down more on studying the week before my test. I will spend about an hour each day during that week on the subject. This studying involves using online flashcards and watching topic videos so I can better visualize the subject and possibly find some more clarification. I also get others involved in my studying. One of my biggest practices is explaining or teaching the subject to someone else because it makes it easier to understand if I can explain it. The biggest concept behind how I study is that I give myself time to truly learn rather then panicking and cramming before the test. The lack of stress from falling behind combined with my usage of multiple mediums for learning makes my studying incredibly successful.

Katie from Arizona
High School Senior
Sahuaro High School