Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Every time I have a big test I have a sure fire way to absorb as much information as possible. My first step is to go through the provided text and copy down either the pieces of information that seem to be pertinent or that my teacher has said that will be on the test. This helps me because physically writing all of the information down seems to help me begin the process of carving the information into my mind through my hands. This usually is done over the course of a few days because the human mind can only focus on one thing for about forty-five minutes at a time before you need a break. Plus the break allows for the information to be properly stored so that I don’t mix up the information drawing lines where there are none.
From there I further break the information that I have gathered into main ideas and categories so that I can see how certain pieces of information relate to one another and how they all fit within what might be on the test. Once again writing them down again to put the pieces together helps me to remember them. I review these for maybe a couple hours spread over the next few days. Then when the test or assignment is a couple days away I move to the final step of the process.
I create flashcards for the main ideas, how all of the information relates to each other, and the smaller pieces of information that I feel might be on the test. Then I mix up the cards keeping track of how many that I get correct and give myself percentages that I would have gotten if that round of test questions was the actual test. I do this over and over until I have gotten one hundred percent two times in a row. Then I do this for the the three or four days before the test every night making sure that I have all of the information trapped in my permanent memory. Finally one hour before I class I run through the flash cards one more time before going in and taking the test. During the test having written the information down three separate times comes in handy.

Bailey from Colorado
High School Senior
Salida High School